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Curious City

What's one thing you can get only in Chicago?

Brenda Guzman asked Curious City to find at least one "thing" you can get in Chicago that you cannot get anywhere else. She says she's open to interpretation: It can be an object, a food, an experience, a statistic, etc. What do you think? We're over-achievers and are trying to find not just one thing, but as many as we can. Add your insight via the form below and there's a chance we'll include your submission in a song!  

But! Before you start adding Garrett's popcorn and the like, we challenge you to do a little bit of homework. Ask yourself: 

  • Can the thing I'm suggesting be experienced or procured outside of Chicago? In the case of Garrett's, they actually have locations outside Chicago, plus you can ship their popcorn virtually anywhere. In the case of the Chicago Cubs or White Sox, they play games all over the country, so that wouldn't count, either. Don't be afraid to get specific. What would count is something along the lines of eating a Chicago-style hot dog at the United Center while watching the Chicago Bulls.
  • Does this thing only exist within the Chicago city limits? We hate to elbow out the suburbs and surround areas, but we gotta draw a line somewhere. For example, the Lake Michigan lakefront wouldn't count because Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan have that, too. 
  • Has this suggestion been made already? If so, don't post it. So far we received and verified (to the extent that we can verify) the following suggestions via the WBEZ Facebook page: 
  1. Nonsensical rivalry between the Cubs and Sox. They don't even play in the same league!
  2. Jibaritos
  3. Polish sausage at Jim's
  4. Pizza pot pie, a la Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder Co.
  5. A President of the U.S. who calls Hyde Park his home
  6. Nighthawks and American Gothic
  7. Sather's cinnamon rolls
  8. Buckinham Fountain
  9. Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate sculpture
  10. A 75-year-long parking meter contract
  11. Rainbow Cones
  12. Kartemquin
  13. The most gang members of any city
  14. The beginning of Route 66
  15. The nation’s worst traffic congestion
  16. Harpo Studios

Have at it!



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