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Jim DeRogatis

This is a book? Really?

In these waning days of dead-tree media, one might expect that more than ever the topics that do make their tortured way between covers to sit on the dwindling number of bookstore shelves are more worthy than ever.

But the publishing industry, like music or film, bows to nothing more than the notion of what might generate the benjamins. And “cute” sells.
Witness the latest tome from Brooklyn-based rock scribe Christopher R. Weingarten: Hipster Puppies, coming in July as a trade paperback original from NAL/Penguin (144 pages, $14).
Weingarten’s work has appeared in the Village Voice, Spin, Revolver, and, and his first book was one of those classic album considerations from Continuum (Public Enemy’s “It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back”). But for those who’ve forgotten his stint as the drummer for Parts and Labor, he’s probably best known as the new-millennial Chuck Eddy—that is, the modern master of rock-crit shtick—for his 2009 stunt of reviewing 1,000 albums in 140 characters or less on his Twitter account.
Based on the Website of the same name, Hipster Puppies is a collection of portraits of young pooches that are, according to the press release from the publisher, “snarky, impeccably accessorized, and adorable. They stockpile jeggings, eat off the taco truck (if it’s locally grown) and have mixed feelings about Wes Anderson.” To wit:
 Penny has 62 pairs of collectible sneakers and nothing to wear to a wedding.
 The last time Rufus rode his tall bike, he spent a month in a neck cone.
Eloise has 200 potential band names and zero potential bandmates.
Sorry, but isn’t this cruelty to animals?
(P.S. Bet ya thought that headline referred to this. Ha!)

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