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9 Races In 18 Minutes: Your November Election Audio Cheat Sheet

There’s been a lot of talk of who will control Congress and which governor will run the state of Illinois for the next four years, but there are dozens of other races on your November ballot. 

Every statewide office (besides Illinois' two U.S. senators) is up for a vote. Many county seats are too. And the people in those jobs will be spending your money and making laws about your life. So in this episode, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about some of the other important races on the ballot — all in the time it takes for our producer, Justin Bull, to drink a cup of coffee. 

Reporting in this week's episode came from Claudia Morell, Michael Puente, Kristen Schorsch, Carrie Shepherd, and Mariah Woelfel. Justin Bull provided production assistance.

Each week at On Background, WBEZ’s team of political reporters brings you the backstory on the week's big story. Host Becky Vevea and guests take you inside the back rooms of Chicago and Illinois government to better understand the people, places and forces shaping today’s politics.

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