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Savage Love Episode 364

Next week is your chance to get in on the full Magnum season from the very beginning. A gay man wonders if he should bring mace to his first date.  Dan consoles a woman who feels horribly guilty for blowing a selfish, but scorchingly hot dude. When a lover threatens suicide as a means to prevent a break-up, is this pure manipulation, or a credible threat? Dan speaks with an expert on suicide prevention.  On the Magnums, Dan speaks with Dr. Meredith Chivers for a What You Got on masochism, and how the different genders and orientations relate to sexy, sexy stimuli in a freaky, freaky lab. (Confidential to musicians everywhere: Please send us a clever and short little jingle to play before "What You Got?" Like really short. Under 10 seconds. Send an MP3 to, won't you?)  When secret Santas go off the rails. A woman who organizes her family's secret santa exchange wonders if she should have included her lesbian cousin's wife, when they got married in SECRET. Now the whole family knows, including the conservative Christian side. Ho! Ho! Ho! And a ton more. As always.  206-201-2720 This week's episode is brought to you by Tonx coffee. To give their delicious coffee a free try, go to  This episode is also brought to you by Get 50% off nearly any item when you enter Savage at checkout.

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