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Savage Lovecast

Savage Love Episode 614

"Dan? If someone sticks a lollypop in my vagina, will I get a yeast infection?" Sincerely, the very first caller. A married woman was horrified to discover raunchy pics of her husband's first cousin on his phone. Would this horrify you? On the Magnum, did you know that you can find instructions for a home the Bible?! Well you can, and Dan's guest, the blogger Jesse Cramer tells us all about it. Also, a VERY WOKE man, who ALWAYS OBTAINS CONSENT, because he VERY MUCH CARES ABOUT WOMEN, doesn't understand why his latest girl is giving him the cold shoulder. 206-302-2064 Thanks to RXBAR for supporting Savage LoveCast. RXBAR is a whole food protein bar with no B.S. Get 25% off your first order at and use the promo code SAVAGE. This episode is brought to you by #Open- a NEW, inclusive approach to social networking and MODERN dating. #Open needs Savage Lovecast listeners to test their app before they “come out” to the rest of the world. Test now at and earn “Community Founder” status for life. This episode is brought toy by Tushy- the modern bidet attachment that washes your ass completely. Go to and get 10% off your order with promo code SAVAGE. Stop wiping and start washing with TUSHY.

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