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The Feed Podcast


We've heard for years that overfishing is a problem and farm-raised fish often have diseases. How do we as consumers, sort through the confusion presented by both sides? Coming up on this week's show, we talk with Sean Dimin creator of "Sea To Table," a distribution company that partners only with wild caught fisheries on both coasts to help bring the best fish to your door. Then, we learn about "craft raised" salmon. We talk with Max Depondt, Midwest Marketing Manager at Skuna Bay Raised Salmon. They maintain nets off the Western coast of Vancouver Island, where they assure customers there is a way to responsibly raise seafood. And finally Steve and Rick talk with Peter Adame, Seafood Watch Engagement Coordinator for the Monterey Bay Aquarium. They monitor ocean health and created a standard that restaurants, fisherman and farmers all subscribe to.

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