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3 at 3: Websites make comedy out of other websites

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1. Regretsy: This site collects crafts gone horribly awry, then placed on sale at Etsy.com. It skewers cases of unchecked whimsy and unfortunate design choices all while taking the growing cultural juggernaut down a peg. The funny thing is, lots of Regretsy readers actually buy the objects featured on the site. Be forewarned- this site can be meanspirited and kind of aggressive!

2. The Fluffington Post: What does the internet do best? Cute animals and short aggregated news stories. This site takes photos of cute animals and conjurs short news-style narratives that personify the pets. It's all presented as a straight news website whose primary interests are Puppies, Kitties, Bunnies, Birdies and Rodentia. Aside from being a great mood enhancer, the site also subtly sends up The Huffington Post's breathless celebrity coverage.

3. Litterally Unbelievable: This site begins with The Onion, and tracks what happens when their satirical stories are shared on social media like Facebook. When people aren't in on the joke, their shock and outrage can be comedic gold. It gets even funnier when elected officials share stories on their official Facebook pages, like Congressman John Fleming of Louisiana.

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