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#37a Amy Dickinson's f*ck it list

Amy Dickinson

Amy writes the syndicated column "Ask Amy" and is a regular panelist on NPR's comedy quiz show "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me."‚  She is also the author of The Mighty Queens of Freeville: A Mother, a Daughter, and the Town That Raised Them, which you can find here.

We asked Amy Dickinson to be our guest this week because if anyone knows the difference between what isn't worth our time and what is simply invaluable, she does. Her syndicated advice column "Ask Amy" is read in 200 papers around the country, including the Chicago Tribune. She is wise, witty and so totally on it. We're quite psyched to have her here. Without further ado... Amy Dickinson.

What I like about this question is how it forces me to decide not only what can go... but also what must stay. So I can only fulfill this mission by composing a short list of things on my F*ck it List, accompanied by their opposing items -- those things I am not willing to live without. This is what I was thinking when composing my lists -- which are a work in progress: It helps to think of your own epitaph. For instance, I would prefer this: "Amy Dickinson -- she sure liked donuts" over this: "Amy Dickinson - avid texter" The list on the left is a short list of‚ things that can go and my life would be just as good -- and probably better. The list on the right is comprised of‚ items I simply must retain.

My phone                                                                                           Postcards

My first engagement ring                                                                   My second wedding ring

My 2002 Toyota Rav 4                                                                      My 1967 Morris Minor

That second closet for my clothes                                                     The porch

Conference calls                                                                                The Methodist Hymnal

Social networking                                                                               French Kissing

Podcasts                                                                                            Radio

Agents                                                                                                My mom

Danish                                                                                                Donuts

Anything HD                                                                                        Paper







Join in, we're making our f*ck it lists over here.

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