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5 Machete Questions with Shannon Cason

Shannon Cason is a writer/storyteller from Detroit. He shares his stories on his podcast, Homemade Stories, available on iTunes. He's a Moth GrandSLAM champion, a comedy open miker, and a seller of women's shoes at Macy's.

Shannon Cason at his last 'Machete' performance (Photo by Evan Hanover)

1. What's stuck in your craw this week, and how will you be approaching it in the Machete?

After looking up the word "craw", I think that's a very personal question, but if hypothetical...my craw is bothered that Black Friday starts next week at midnight. I know that's officially when Friday begins, but that's just greedy. Lets talk about it...

2. Complete the following sentence: I'm glad it now gets dark out by 5PM because...

I'm glad it now gets dark out by 5pm because of the earth's tilted axis as we revolve around the sun. If it wasn't getting dark by 5pm something could be catastrophically wrong.

3. In your entire schooling, what was the subject you in which you performed most poorly? Have you been required to demonstrate knowledge of that subject since?

In college I accidentally enrolled in Math Word Problems. I think they had a better name for it but I don't remember it. Worst grade ever! And I haven't had to determine the precise moment a train passes a bus moving different speeds...yet.

4. a) Name your favorite Supreme Court justice or Thanksgiving dish, and give at least one sentence of explanation. b) Name your least favorite Supreme Court justice or Thanksgiving dish, and give at least one sentence of explanation.

My fave is the dressing. If done right, it blends with all the other food so well. My least fave is turkey, but I think it's needed to do the dressing the way I like, so turkey gets a pass.

5. As a member of the Chicago performance-art community, what lucrative career do you now wish you'd chosen to pursue instead?

I wish I would have chosen a more artsy career from the start instead of getting into so many business management training programs early on, because I'm much more creative-minded than business-minded. I don't necessarily think it would have been more lucrative serving tables than sitting in meetings, but I would've been happier...so I'm glad to be part of the community now.

The Paper Machete is a weekly live magazine at the Horseshoe in North Center. It's always at 3 pm, it's always on Saturday, and it's always free. Listen to the most recent The Paper Machete Radio Magazine with Bill Ayers here, or download it from iTunes here.

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