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50/50 Series: Trust and Access

Robeson staff are pretty open door with us hanging around in the halls and classrooms. Principal Morrow (left) says he wants everyone to see what's really going on there, the bad and the good. When Photographer Carlos Ortiz came to take pics for the series, he seemed taken aback by what he saw.‚  It made me wonder if I was losing perspective. Demetrius is the student I'm profiling later in the week. He got very uncomfortable when we wanted to put a wireless mic on him and we had to back off.‚  He said people would think he's a snitch and calls it the "secret mic," which it kind of is. About six months into reporting two Robeson students got shot in an alley. One was named Quetin. We'd been working with a students including a great guy named Quentin, so it was a horrible moment. We found out It wasn't him. So tragic for kids who died.‚  Supposedly they had a pattern of robbing homes in the area. Doesn't make it right they're dead, though.

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