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Answers to the questions Omaha Steaks Conversation Cards™ sent to me with my annual holiday steaks

If the person sitting across from you was a food, what food would he/she be? 
A man made of medium-done steak, wearing a suit made of bacon, a shirt of twice-baked potatoes and hair of mustard. A bit of Lawry’s salt would dust his shoulders (because he has steak-man dandruff).

If you could be 16 again, would you?
Can I be 16 but with the personality and knowledge I have now? Because if so, yes. But if not, no thanks. Also, it depends on the steak situation. Could I have the metabolism I had when I was 16, or the steak appreciation I possess now?

Favorite childhood game?
Hide the steak. (I always won.)

How did you get even with your siblings?
Took their steak.

Get it done now or put it off as long as possible?
Get it done now if by “it” you mean “eat the steak.”

If you inherited a house known to be haunted, what would you do with it?
How is this steak-related, exactly? I would probably sell it, for steak money.

Experiment or be experimented on?
I’d like to experiment on my stomach and see how it reacts to some savory steaks, if you know what I mean.

What is the dumbest thing you have ever done?
Definitely not this. Perhaps it was when I time traveled back to when I was 16, lived in a haunted house and “experimented” on my brother. But I think it was the time I left some steak behind once and didn’t take it home for lunch.

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