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Blagojevich: "Bleeping" vs. raw cursing

Gov. Blagojevich speaks to the media... sans the curse words (Wildeboer)

We all know that former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich swears.  In fact even he knows it.  On one of the phone calls secretly recorded by the feds, Blagojevich chastises himself for swearing so much and says he’s got to stop doing that.

For the most part the salty language is incidental to what Blagojevich is saying and WBEZ airs the audio by “bleeping” out the curse words. Usually, the listener still gets the point of the quote. But here’s a recording in which the curse words are the substance of the conversation.  Blagojevich is literally cursing a recently elected President Obama and the rage is palpable… at least in the non-bleeped version.  Give a listen.  Here’s the bleeped version that aired on WBEZ.

Here’s the non-bleeped version that airs only on the internet… and in the courtroom for jurors.

Disclaimer: This clip is unedited and contains profanity.

The prelude to this curse is also quite interesting because Blagojevich is on a conference call talking to his advisors and he quickly seems to come unhinged.  He starts the conversation by saying he’s been politically successful, but Obama’s rise to the White House makes it difficult for him to run for president.  He tries to keep his cool, but then he makes clear to his advisors what he wants: money.  Then an advisor asks one question and he loses it.

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