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Boystown residents to Alderman Tunney: Open the balcony!!!!!!!!!

Last night, several hundred residents of Northeast Lakeview (Boystown) got together for a rousing CAPS meeting about the recent muggings and late night crime. The issue here isn't about controlling crime - it's becoming more about race. See, the crimes are being committed predominantly by young black men. The residents are forming groups to "Take back Boystown" and the counter groups are saying that the "Take back Boystown" group is racist. Did I get it right? If not, you'll tell me in the comments. Sidenote: With this story, most newspapers and media outlets are closing comment boards because people are getting out of hand. So I welcome you, troll.

Back to the meeting: There were plenty of fireworks and heated discussions at the meeting. But the biggest dust-up had to have been when Alderman Tunney was addressing the audience. A heckler from the balcony didn't like what Tunney was saying. Well, he may have liked it, he just had a question about why they couldn't sit upstairs. This guy is mad as hell (about the balcony) and he's not going to take it sitting down (well, standing up). Hilarious tape ensues: 

Our crack reporter/producer Elliott Ramos is putting together a great multimedia package and story on last night's meeting and the recent trouble. He pulled his first all-nighter since...well...undergrad? Best part of this photo has to be his dinner (Cheez-Its).

B story: Target wants to put its name and logo on the Sullivan center. Which begs the question: What and where is the Sullivan Center?

C story: Yogurt alert!!!! Pinkberry was sooo hot in LA circa 2006 that we finally get our first one in Chicago today. So today's analogy: Yogurt shops are to Chicago like Hollywood blockbusters are to Saudi Arabia - five years late. I'll eat it though. And I'd watch Bourne Identity.

Weather: This is a great day. When there is great weather, Chicago is inspiring.

Sports: Come on. Did the Sox just lose the series to the Royals? Again? This team needs to move to the National League, stat. And the Cubs? The Cubs got swept by the Nationals. So it is now legit: Our baseball teams are worse than the Royals and the Nationals.

Kicker: There was a super secret, hot show at the new upstairs lounge at Paris Club. Have you been on Hubbard Street lately? Oh my, it is the new, new Rush Street. Go to sleep, hot people! It was a great show and I was lucky enough to have acted like a caterer to gain access. The surprise guest? Cee Lo Green. Nice! When he hit the stage, I could barely see through the sea of outstretched arms holding cell phones. It was worst than the 'tall guy who stands in front of you' scenario.

Anyway, I made the NBC slideshow too. No big deal, I'm a high roller now:

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