Chicago news rankings: Blago trial takes top billing; Oprah, Rana, Bulls & my fashion crusade take backseat | WBEZ
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Chicago news rankings: Blago trial takes top billing; Oprah, Rana, Bulls & my fashion crusade take backseat

Love the umbrella, gov'nah!

Jesse Jackson Jr. is in the building!!!!!! The Blagojevich Trial II: Attack of the Clones is stepping up its media blitz. The terror trial of Rana, the Bulls, Oprah and Bin Laden have really stripped the media power from this Illinois corruption trial. But not anymore! Zagel approves the Blagojevich team's desire to call Congressman Jackson Jr. and Mayor Rahm Emanuel. That means they have to take the stand. As Ryan Seacrest would tell us, "The Blagojevich trial is climbing up the charts! Now, the latest from Katy Perry!"

Blago team brought Jackson Jr. up first. They went about 10 minutes with him. Classic. Keep it short, give the people what they want!

B story: WBEZ Blogger Lee Bey has a great story today about where to put a new Chicago casino. He says that when he worked for the mayor's office a decade ago, he worked up proposals to turn Lakeside Center (McCormick Place East) into a casino site. It would be the largest casino in the United States. Go big or go home (with empty pockets).

C story: ComEd is raising rates for the summer. I don't follow regulations and utility politics (sorry), but it seems to me that this is very conveniently timed to take advantage of air conditioners. Do all parties (ComEd and Illinois government) at least acknowledge that or they hoping we just don't recognize? I'm sure it's more complicated than that.

D story: It's the end of Oprah. Today. So what's next? Robert Feder gives you the rundown of what is vying to take over her time slot. Tomorrow begins the new, local, morning show "Windy City Live."

E story: Yesterday, I wrote about how I think we should move the "no linen/white pants before Memorial Day" up to "no linen/white pants before May 1st." It's working. My crusade has netted me some local (and national) response. I will have the story later today or tomorrow. It's going to blow the lid off of all you know about fashion. You're welcome.

Weather: That was quite a commute. I won't complain about rain though.

Sports: I wrote up a whole post about the Bulls game this morning. What a night. Did the Cubs or Sox win? Didn't even pay attention. But the big sports news that you probably would have never thought would be the big sports news a few months back? Bulls' back up Center Omer Asik is out for the rest of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Kicker: I just thought this was the best comment ever placed on a blog post at WBEZ. This was on one of my posts from a few days back. From "Matt":

Oops, I accidently liked this article trying to see who the other three people who liked this article. I couldn't so now I'm writing here to set the record straight that I don't.

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