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Daily Rehearsal: Sh** Lana Del Rey Says, a meme by Chicago comics

1. The Young Playwrights Festival, run by the Pegasus Players, moved to the Hull House Center this year, but as the Reader's Asher Klein points out, " the timing couldn't be worse." Why? Because Hull House is closing, so where will Pegasus go? In any case, the 25th annual Festival closes this weekend; get in while you can.

2. Did you miss WBEZ blogger Claire Zulkey's interview with the author of the book of Wicked, Gregory Maguire? Catch it now. 

3. TimeOut has a new feature where they highlight a "Performer of the week." The profile is online only, which means you should basically just cancel your subscription to the hard copy. It "spotlights a standout performance—and performer—from the past week of theater openings." This week it's Clancy McCartney, who is now not only famous in my book for his very awesome name, but for his very awesome performance in dark play or stories for boys at Collaboraction.

4. Jessie Mueller was interviewed by Playbill for their column Celebrity Buzz: Diva Talk. Stuff we learned: Everyone in her family acts (though she's the first to make it to Broadway) and she feels lucky that she "got to grow up watching the great Chicago actors performing around town, so that was a huge inspiration."

5. The meme that jumped the shark a thousand sharks ago has been out-memed: Chicago comedy duo Seth and Kellen have done "Sh** Lana Del Rey Says." It's sort of disgusting, as in, I had a hard time watching it merely because it was so memey. They say that they "took the two most maligned internet memes of the moment and smashed them together to create a desperate attempt to go viral."

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