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Daily Rehearsal: Your new day-before-New-Year's plans

1. Don't have day-before-New-Year's plans? The A.V. Club points out that Hannibal Buress will be at the Lincoln Lodge on December 30 for two performances, just in time to make it on all those "this was big in Chicago this year lists",  or whatever people in the media do at the end of the year.

2. Elizabeth Rex opens next week at Chicago Shakes. The star of the production, Diane D’Aquila, reveals a bit about her background to Hedy Weiss, including the tidbit that she worked as a dresser early in her career, a job I find super fascinating, perhaps merely for it's very literal title. For those who watched the movies on our fair Virgin Queen, the costumes alone look worth the price of admission.

3. In this week's Don't Miss List, Laura Molzahn suggests you see Muntu Dance Theatre of Chicago. At the Reader, Molzahn gives us a look into why Muntu chose it's name, and what to expect from the show. The name of the group's new suite of dances ("Roff") actually means "a lot of different spices put together." So expect like a chutney or a chili or something of a dance.

4. Don Hall has thoughts on the importance of subscription tickets to different theaters, via a report from the Theater Communications Group. To Hall, the loss of tickets sold through subscription models will really only be noticed by marquee theaters. For the small (and when I say small, I'm not talking about theaters with a $250,000 budget, I'm referring to theaters with far less than that to go from show to show) it means relatively nothing," writes Hall. "Show to show is how we do business in the first place."

5. Fascinated with the Auditorium Theatre? Who's not! Did you know the movie Public Enemies with Christian Bale and Johnny Depp was filmed there (among others?) The theatre toots their own horn in this blog post, but it is, in actuality, quite beautiful.

And for those who were worried the Jersey Shore The Musical is closing -- fear not! It's been extended through March 31.

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