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Facebook embarrassments now easier than ever to find

U.S. Air Force appears in Facebook search for "Current employers of people who like racism."
FACEBOOK EMBARRASSMENTS. The Web site "Actual Facebook Graph Searches" reveals awkward things now easily found on Facebook -- like "Current employers of people who like racism," "Married people who like prostitutes," and "Mothers of Jews who like bacon." (The site's creator, Tom Scott, is also the guy behind the Klout parody "Klouchebag.")
* GigaOM: Facebook's new search function means the end of "privacy by obscurity."
* Champaign-based Wolfram Alpha upgrades tool to reveal "more about your Facebook self than you ever knew" -- including your most-liked and most-commented posts, your friends by gender and age, and more.
* Google upgrading image search.

THE FIRE THEY STARTED. A number of big backers, including UPS and the Intel Foundation, are dropping or postponing funding for Boy Scouts of America because of its policy of excluding homosexuals, according to Mother Jones.
* Some older female veterans not wild about decision to let U.S. women serve in combat.

FOR DESTRUCTION, ICE IS ALSO NICE. A photographer who didn't grow up around here delights in day-after shots of the now-ice-encrusted Chicago warehouse where fire broke out Tuesday. 
* Ice's weight weakens burning buildings, endangering firefighters.

FIVE ... FIVE ... FIVE-DOLLAR LAW-SUIT. The Subway chain faces a legal challenge in Chicago because a customer says a footlong sandwich he ordered was just 11 inches long.
* At post time for this blog, "#NotIntendedToBeAMeasurementOfLength" not trending on Twitter.

Marvel's @AgentM

HULK TWEET. Looking for a model social-media presence? Consider Marvel Comics, whose @AgentM has more than 1.3 million followers.
* Chicago comics shop opens separate all-ages store, specializing in stuff for kids.
* Star Trek comic serves up surprise about new Star Trek movie mythology.

THE CASE FOR BEYONCE. A Slate writer who's also a pro musician says he's certain she was singing at the inaugural.
* The Borowitz Report: Obama urged to resign over Beyonce scandal.
* Are journalists joking too much on Twitter?

* Soundtrack for preparation of this issue: Yesterday's "Afternoon Shift," exploring the history of Chicago-area Nike missile sites.
* The countdown to this week's news quiz 
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