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Is it corrupt to cash in on your unused vacation time?

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It's the last day of August. What does that mean? That means you have three days left to wear your linen. Don't be a jerk and flow after Labor Day. Not cool.

Top story: The Sun-Times is reporting that Daley administration officials didn't use their vacation. And that vacation "cost" taxpayers $9.5 million. Is this common practice when a long time politician leaves an appointed office? 25 years and an antiquated HR/administrative policy can add up to big expenses on the last month in office. But is it really the administration's fault? They didn't break rules, they followed them. And it's classic media to use words like "cost" when talking about time (which is money) owed to city workers. They didn't cost us, they just followed the rules. Now, the rules under Mayor Emanuel's administration will change to a more commonplace corporate style (you don't use it, you lose it). But that just means there will be nobody to take your questions in the clerk's office in December. They will all be on vacation.

B story: Former boss shout-out! Peter Whorf is now a serious boss. With a photo in a Trib slideshow.

C story: Kris Vire has a great story about how Hamburger Mary's is going to buy Star Gaze and turn it into a new Andersonville theater. Before it was Star Gaze (a lesbian night club), it was a Serbian bar/grill called Cafe' Ashe. And it had a little stage in the back that hosted comedy by a new company called The Playground. This was 1997. And Playground had a hard time filling the midnight slot, so they gave it to a brand new comedy group to do weekly sketch. Yep, it was Schadenfreude (my comedy group). We did 10-15 shows there before moving on to the Heartland Studio Theater. Note to Hell in a Handbag: Ask us back for the grand opening. Let's recreate the sketch show we did there. Lots of Godzilla jokes and I believe a sketch about a napalm train derailment in Gary? Current events.

D story: Mark Bazer has a great blog today on how his son's school is cracking down on birthday party food. No more Jewel cupcakes. He's a bit nostalgic for the OG cupcakes.

Weather: It was a pretty wet August, but really, it doesn't come close (in our hearts) to August of 1987.  I remember that. The ditches by the park filled up with water. We were putting an addition on our house and my Dad's makeshift tarp blew off. It was like the Perfect Storm of tarpless construction.

Sports: So Ozzie wants to stay? Everything he did this year was contrary. But if you want it from the source, listen to this clip. This is his answer to the first question:

Kicker: Today is the last day for intern Meghan Power. She is leaving to pursue her career and starts a new job next week. Meghan did serious work this summer, taking on editing/producing responsibilities when we expanded the blog network. She also did some great stories, like investigating why the state of Illinois' DMV doesn't take Visa. Most importantly, she locked down right field for the softball team and displayed timely hitting, including a big one to beat WCIU. (This is for her brothers in New England that don't believe their sister crushed it...)

So long Meghan Power. I have a feeling we'll cross paths again soon. I have a feeling I'll be working for you someday. 

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