List: Titles of Salon’s ‘Since You Asked’ columns that are so sad they become strangely funny | WBEZ
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List: Titles of Salon's 'Since You Asked' columns that are so sad they become strangely funny

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I never knew my mother and now I feel sad

My mom's an out-of-control alcoholic

I can't watch my mother die

My family hates me

My family is racist; my partner is Malaysian

I'm dying and I just want my kids to get along

Three deaths make wedding plans hard

I fear a lonely future in the U.S.

My doctor put me on Xanax for years

Since I quit heroin I don't like sex

I'm 38, nearly a Ph.D., in despair

I'm a 30-year-old virgin

I'm 25 ... and I've wasted my life!

21 and miserable. How do I cope?

I hate my life -- so I'm supposed to feel grateful?!

I have everything. My life is empty

I've had a horrible year but my friends don't care

My friends betrayed me and now I trust no one

Why is friendship so painful?

Am I broken?

To see all of the questions, see Salon's Since You Asked section.

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