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Live Music Thursday: Julie Frost performs 'Mary's Song'

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If you've listened to top 40 radio in the past year, you've probably heard one of Julie Frost's songs. While The Black Eyed Peas' "Just Can't Get Enough" might sound like it was created by musical robots, it was actually written by Julie Frost and three other songwriters in collaboration with the Peas. Frost was also involved in writing Beyonce's "Countdown" and Madonna's Golden Globe winning song "Masterpiece."

To big music fans, this portion of the music industry is often viewed as incredibly cynical. It's surprising then, to be confronted with Julie Frost's quiet, heartfelt songs performed with sparse acoustic guitar accompaniment. This video is her performing "Mary's Song," dedicated to her sister.

Reconciling this song, voice and performer with the mega-hits she's penned is a little disorienting. Perhaps the top 40 hits written by committee aren't so heartless after all, they're just made of little bits of seven people's hearts.

Download this performance on the Live Music Thursday podcast.

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