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Mission #86: Would you hug a stranger? Would you put your daughter up on a pedestal?



A couple Thursday Thingy's ago, I featured Miranda July's website.

This week's mission revolves around one of her interactive art installations that's now at the Musuem of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.  

It's called "11 Heavy Things."   And I just love it.

Here's how Mission #86 works:

1.  Start by viewing the complete installation here: 

11 Heavy Things. The pieces I am focusing on for this mission are on the 4th page/slide-- "hugging," and "brave little girl." 

2.  If you live in or near Los Angeles, go to the exhibit (it's free-- and hours are at bottom of this post), get yourself up on that pedestal, and/or get your daughter up there, and send me the photo(s).  Send to missamykr at yahoo dot com.

3.  If you don't live in or near LA, please share this post/mission with friends/family that do.  If you are feeling really adventurous, you could print out this page, and try to woo a stranger on the street to hug and pose with you. I for sure want to see those pictures! 

And the "brave little girl" one is easy enough to re-enact: Just write the words on a piece of paper and have someone take a photo of you and your daughter.

You could hold the paper sign next to her, over her, or tape it to her shirt.  

The plan is to make a video montage of all your photos.

Depending on how many photos I get back, I might incorporate this into The Beckoning of Lovely 11/11/11....which is kinda perfect considering the "11 Heavy Things" title, right?

Thanks to Murray Smith for reminding me about this amazing exhibit. (I'll be waiting for your photo, Miss LA-based Murray!)

And thanks of course to Miranda July for creating it.






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