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Morning Rehearsal: Chicago theater 5/2

Due to intense news circumstances that you probably haven't missed, Morning Rehearsal will be a little short today. Don't miss us too much!

Rachel Lada is the Devil's understudy

1. I caught the last showing of Awesomonster's The Game Show from HELL at The Underground Lounge on Saturday. The show, which ran for four weeks, was an interactive sketch experience; audience members tried to kill their families on the Oregon Trail (you're supposed to keep them alive, in case you don't remember) and played a game called "Crap Grab" where they attempted to tape as much stuff to their bodies as they could while blindfolded. There were prizes for winners too, so cross your fingers they get a second run. And if you peruse their materials carefully, you might see someone you know, or more specifically, someone you read hilarious things about theater from every morning.

2. It was Ladies' Night at the Oracle Theatre, part of Tonight It's Live with Tom Bambara. This meant performances by the Harlotry & Necromancy Appreciation Society who entirely revamp your idea of clowning, as well as guests Denise Donovan from Team StarKid's Starship and Producer Evelyn DeHais from the Woyzeck Project.

3. I had no idea Peter Pan was coming to Chicago, but this should certainly give the ill-fated Spider Man: Turn off the Dark a run for its money. It opened this weekend and includes tents, CGI, and flying, naturally.

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