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My knee, microfractured

Sometime tomorrow morning, probably before most WBEZ readers are fully functioning,  I’m going to be at the University of Chicago Hospital for scoping and microfracture surgery on my right knee. I've had a bit too much on this knee, apparently.

The microfracture is a procedure in which, after scoping, the doc makes a couple of holes in my kneecap and then hopes that scar tissue (fibrocartilage) will grow where the old cartilage used to be.

This means I’ll be on crutches for 6 weeks, with very limited weight bearing, and strapped to a motion machine for six hours everyday. In other words, I’m pretty much home-bound for the next couple of months.

It’ll probably be a great time for novel writing, translating, watching TV and reading but I suspect limited mobility will also mean increased introspection. This might be a caution: we’ll see what happens. I just wanted you guys to know what’s going on -- and if you have any tips, bring ‘em on!

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