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No runs, no hits, two errors: The Sun-Times photo department miffs...again

In my role as the official replacement of Robert Feder, I need to find some media stories.Yes, I took over in November when Feder left and I still haven't yet written about media. Not because I don't know the beat, but more that I want the stories to develop. Patience is needed when covering the daily media beat.

Well, I start today, thanks to the Chicago Sun-Times. It seems they are having a nasty rash of accuracy issues. The once ironclad photo department, which celebrated Pulitzer calibur photography on a yearly basis, is now making mistakes on a weekly basis. Maybe they are leaving daily decisions to the interns.

Last week, it was much publicized that the huge full page photo on the back sports section featuring Matt Garza was, well, not Matt Garza. It was another Latino pitcher on Tampa Bay. Maybe the editor wasn't into sports.

We'll give them a pass on that one. It was the weekend and Matt Garza isn't a household name. They sure wouldn't make that mistake during the week with their bread and butter, politics, right? Today, the Sun-Times made another mistake with a prominent Latino politician. This one is a little more complicated, because the subjects share the same name. Alderman Moreno is the subject of today's article, but the photo is of former Cook County Commissioner Moreno. You can tell by a) his face, b) the high-backed chair with the Cook County seal and, c) he's talking to Cook County Commissioner Bill Beavers.

Hey, I make a ton of mistakes. But I have this great tool that puts a line through my errors. There's no line in print. I'm giving them a hard time. But if there is a mistake next week featuring Latino newsmakers, well, then we might have another story on our hands.

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