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Occupy Chicago wins! Quinn rejects gambling bill

Something's fishy in Illinois and it ain't the carp.

So let me get this straight. The state legislature and Mayor Emanuel wrote up a bill back in the summer of 2011 and Governor Pat Quinn waited til right now to say no? This is politics at its worst. It's probably not all on Quinn, since I'll bet it was held up in the state house by Cullerton for votes. But really, didn't we suffer through "Casino to Chicago?" headlines all summer long, just for Quinn to strike it down? This is your government at work, people. Personally, I don't care about a casino in Chicago, but I do care about our government making plans to fix our financial state. And I care about efficient government. If one branch does something, the others should too. Not wait months to (not) act. I don't know what to believe anymore.

B story: So Occupy Chicago is looking for a place to stay for the winter. And this winter is huge. If the movement can grow over the coldest months of the year, If you are looking for places, just call Jenny F. at Apartment People up on Broadway. How bout setting up shop in that Gallery 37 mall? Or better yet, the old Carson Pirie Scott Building? Or hell, the old post office. It worked for Batman and Transformers. Maybe get Michael Bay to act like Occupy Chicago is a movie and you can have the old post office.

In all seriousness, why not contact Argo Tea and secure that new private park they are building by Rush Street? Or better yet, isn't Millenium Park classified as a private park? It was built with private money? I think that's legitimate. That park is significant too. It is built over the old railyards that used to be when Chicago worked. And the park is actually paid for by Chicago's 1%. Let the occupy brains start spinning...

C story: Blagojevich wants you to send letters to the judge. Weird. And when you're done, send a letter to the network about canceling your favorite show.

Weather: I don't know. I'm actually flying to LA right now. I bought the wireless. Now if I could buy a smoother flight.

Sports: So if they don't sign Theo Epstein today, they have to wait until after the World Series. If the Bears don't sign Matt Forte, other teams will offer big. If the NBA and players don't act soon, the Christmas day games will be canceled. Also, if you didn't like Ozzie then, this won't help.

Kicker: Well, I have to go. I missed the in flight safety movie. So I found it online. Even the in flight safety movie is too cool for school:

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