Redeye: Are mobs damaging Chicago's reputation? No. Free mini-newspapers are. | WBEZ
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Redeye: Are mobs damaging Chicago's reputation? No. Free mini-newspapers are.

You heard them (Flickr/Jon Buckland)

Wow, don't look now but the Chicago Tribune is redesigning their newspaper and site! They are going the future! The Trib is shedding their Randy Michaels "We are going to blow the lid off the internet!" and moving to more of a "remember how we all liked what we did six years ago?" Now, if they can get Bob Greene back in the fold? Maybe get the ole Inc. column dusted off? And finally, go back to 50 cents a paper? Oh wait, no. Actually, this whole new 'Trib' will cost more. I can't say what Robert Feder says better:

OK, let me see if I’ve got this straight: Those of us who’ve been paying for home delivery of the Chicago Tribune all along as it’s gotten smaller, shallower and less essential will now have the privilege of paying more for them to put back some of what they took out?

B story: Everyone is still writing about the awful mob story. The Redeye wonders if these mobs are damaging Chicago's reputation. Well, putting that out on the front page of your free paper might actually help your thesis. Which leads me to my thesis: Are free mini-newspapers damaging Chicago's reputation? Discuss in the comments and you can win a trip to see the new Twilight! ZINGER!

C story: It's really hot. It's not 1995 hot yet, but I can see that happening if this doesn't let up. Who was in town for that crap? I remember moving into an apartment in Lincoln Square that summer. It was above a sausage market. Now imagine, no air conditioning and the smell of weird German meat wafting through the pipes. Yeah, that was gross.

D story: Guess who's back. Goolsbee's back.

Weather: It's like a "humid blizzard". Come on Chicago. Give me a 75 degree, breezy day.

Sports: The Cubs are doing a "It Gets Better" video. I'm sorry, is it going to be about gay bullying or being a Cubs fan? Actually, Zambrano's "we're a Triple-A club" is getting some traction. Morrissey actually sides with Zambrano in his column today.

Also, when the NBA Finals resume tonight, make a mental note of how many times they show a Derrick Rose commercial. He's in a few right now and when it comes to NBA stars endorsing products, he might be the number one option. Really, what happened to Kobe? Even Lebron is outdone by Rose. The only player that is close would be Durant in the Gatorade ads and maybe Dwyane Wade on that obnoxious T-Mobile buffering commercial.

Kicker: This kid dances. Such joy:



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