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Rubbing it in in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, center, is greeted by his cabinet and staff a day after he beat Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in a recall election. (AP/Andy Manis)

Don’t believe it.

Don’t, for one minute, believe that there’s a silver lining for progressives in the Wisconsin recall debacle.

Don’t buy that Democrat John Lehman’s probable victory over GOP State Senator Van Wangaard means anything.

Don’t get hopeful that conservative hero Gov. Scott Walker’s agenda will be stopped because the Dems have flipped the senate 17 to 16.

Here’s the skinny: The state legislature in Wisconsin isn’t scheduled to meet until January 2013. Which means that in November 2012, when about half of its members are up for re-election, that one vote advantage could be meaningless.

Sure, it’s possible that the state Democrats could pad their advantage by winning a few more seats. It’s possible that – broke, defeated and trying to keep the Democratic president in the White House and elect a Democrat to an open U.S. senate seat – the state Democrats might convince enough Wisconsin voters to let them serve as a check and balance to Walker and his cronies.

The fact is that Walker – now walking proud for the next two years – currently has more money and support than God. And he’s gonna spread it around to those who stuck with him, and those who’ll work with him. Which will make it one tough uphill climb for the lowly state Dems.

The governor, as you probably know, is already hard at work trying to rebuild Wisconsin and create jobs. His first move after his decisive recall victory? To try and eliminate the right to hospital visits for same sex couples because, as you know, not letting a sick queer get comfort from her/his partner is a sure bet economic stimulus.

No, no, no – don’t think that slim Democratic majority in the state senate with John Lehman on top can call a special session before November to stop him. Even if they do, even if they pass whatever they want to pass, the state assembly – the state senate’s counterpart – is controlled by Republicans. And Walker will grin and veto whatever he wants, with complete and total confidence.

And don’t forget: Lehman’s victory is merely probable at this point. There’s a recount, and then there’ll be an appeal to the recount. Because so little is at stake, they might let Lehman prevail.

But Walker is one mean sonavitch. And I’m not betting he’s going to let it go.

And if the GOP manages to roll back those 800 votes that Lehman’s got to lead? Well, then they very well might call a special session before November.

You see, the governor would like to pass a bill to open an iron ore mine in northern Wisconsin.

Sigh. . .

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