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Takin' it to the house: Local comics star in ESPN comedy sketch featuring Devin Hester

Overshadowed by Jay Cutler's injury during yesterday's game was Devin Hester's brilliant acting turn on ESPN's NFL Countdown. ESPN's Kenny Mayne came to town last week to shoot a sketch for the pre-game broadcast.

And guess who they called? That's right, Kate James! Schadenfreude's leading lady and the drunkest Cubs fan known to man plays alongside Hester, Mayne and the guys from Cook County Social Club. James has been a regular on this here blog and WBEZ airwaves for the past decade.

The premise? Devin Hester can return anything. Even retail.

Best part? Twitter is blowing up with "That's the drunk Cubs fan!" or "That chick on the "Mayne Event" thing is the drunk Cubs fan chick!" or "I always knew that 'Cubs fan' video was staged."

From Kate's FB page: Devin and I both like long necklaces that accentuate our décolletage.

I'm so proud that Kate and the crew did bits with Devin Hester. I asked her how it went. How did it feel to do comedy bits with a future hall-of-famer?

Kenny Mayne booked us out for a three week rehearsal period before we shot that video, so Devin and I really had a chance to get to know each other, workshop our acting styles, and discover each other's performance nuances. By the time the cameras rolled, it felt as if we'd been performing together for years.

In actuality, it was like being at a party with the most popular boy in school. You agonize about what to say, and then when you actually speak it sounds incredibly dumb. And you constantly question your outfit choice. But I'm pretty positive he felt the same way about me. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself. Let me have this.

We spent every moment between takes talking strategy against the Chargers. So, you're welcome, Chicago.

Here is the video from the ESPN website:

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