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The New Bleacher Bums: Meet the new Ira Glass (of Wrigleyville)

I am wrapping up the summer long documentary series "The New Bleacher Bums," in which I followed two lifelong Cubs fans in their native environment of Wrigleyville. It was a grueling summer following Colleen Henneman, a woman who forever will slur her speech in drunken stupor, even if she never had a beer. And then there is Todd Voorhies: The self-appointed #1 Cubs fan (and Henneman's live-in boyfriend) who slathers himself in pure adulation for not just a baseball team, but for the lifestyle that the baseball team has created. He is, for all intents and purposes, the mayor of Wrigleyville.

But really, this story is not just about Colleen and Todd. It's about me too. Telling the story. This story:

I don't know how Ira does it. He must have a thousand producers around when he shoots. Here are some past episodes:

Of course, this is not real. The New Bleacher Bums is a web series produced by Schadenfreude. The series stars Kate James, Justin Kaufmann, Sandy Marshall, Stephen Schmidt and Adam Witt. The New Bleacher Bums is edited by Adam Witt.


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