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Think you know Chicago? Identify the location of these architectural treasures

The above photo is, to me, a stunning work depicting the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. Do you know where it is? How about the location of this building:

I've taken untold photographs of Chicago architecture over the past five years. On occasion I'll email a photo to my most street-savvy of buddies--folks who have been everywhere across the city--and ask then the location of the building in the picture. It's fun stumping them. Today, I figure I'll play the game with you. Tell me the location of the places and spaces shown here today. Email your answers to and sometime this week, I'll re-run the pix with your answers, good, bad and ugly. We'll see how many of you are true Chicagoans--and how many of you are privately putting catsup on your Chicago-style hot dog.

The one hint I'll give: All are within the actual city--not a suburb.

UPDATE: Here are the answers

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