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This woman did something amazing: Isn't that terrible? (Or: Why I should never read the Tribune message boards)

According to the Tribune, Amber Miller, who was 39 weeks pregnant,  ran/walked the Chicago marathon yesterday and then gave birth to a healthy baby girl shortly thereafter. According to the story, Miller is a seasoned runner and her doctor gave her the go-ahead to run. We all refer to birth as “a miracle” and definitely think of running a marathon as a real accomplishment, so what this lady did is pretty amazing, right? (I know I feel pretty lazy in comparison). But I let myself read the Tribune message boards attached to this story and here, parsed and boiled down, are the comments that are making me insane:

This woman is an idiot. I don’t have any specific ideas on why what she did was dumb (not to mention the fact that I am lacking comprehensive data on how running a marathon while having contractions negatively affects babies), but I know that it was stupid. What a stupid lady.

That doctor was an idiot. I have no medical training, and even if I did, it’s irresponsible to diagnose a patient I know next to nothing about, but I do know that that doctor didn’t know what he was talking about. I know more than that doctor does, especially when it comes to prenatal care.  Something could have happened. I don’t know what, exactly, but it could have.

Runners are idiots. I don’t have to give you a good reason why I hate them so much. They’re just the worst. Maybe my mother was killed in a herd of ultramarathoners? Did you ever consider that as a possibility?

This women is selfish. I can tell from this article. Women who do things that they want to while they’re pregnant are selfish! Also selfish: women who do things that they want to after having a baby. And women who choose not to have babies. It is unlikely that this woman can love her baby as much as she loves running and herself. Women are pretty terrible most of the time.

This isn’t relevant to the story, but I dislike black people. That’s about all I have to say about that.

Next time, I think I’ll just stick to reading the news on my phone, where the font is tiny but at least the comments aren’t visible.

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