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Thursday Thingy: Do you know the REAL story of the alphabet?


We started the week with a mission centered around Little Pea, which was/is my very first children's book (published in 2005).

So how about we "book-end" the week with my most recent, shiny brand new release:  Al Pha's Bet (illustrated by the incredible French artist Delphine Durand).

Here's the 80-second trailer.  And no laughing at my lame-o singing voice at the end.  Got it?

(Oh, and because you are viewing this on the blog vs. directly on YouTube, there are some details* at the bottom of this post that will make sense after you watch the video...)



WON'T YOU SING WITH ME? Record your child singing the ABC's and email it to me at

I will try to feature as many children as possible over the next couple months. (and I'll let you know when your child is featured, of course.)

You can record it on your computer, your smart phone, your iPad - whatever's handy and easiest. 

So get on it kids, because let's face it: the author may be able to write, but she sure can't sing!




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