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Was there anything wrong with that Bulls game? Maybe Reggie Miller doing color commentary, but that's it

Taj. (Photo by Arbogast/AP)

The Chicago Bulls just woke up this sleeping sports town. Well, maybe we weren't sleeping, but we were still in bed checking our phones. Forget Memphis, Oklahoma City or even Dallas - Chicago can get up for its great teams. And when we do, it's explosive (see Blackhawks). And this Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals might be as big as they get. Regardless of whether or not they actually win a championship, Bulls fans will hold their head high that this is not a roll-over team. This is not a team that is intimidated by the competition. Coming out and dismantling the ESPN-darling Miami Heat, it's special. This might be the first time in the playoffs where Chicago fans actually "believe." And it's not because we think they can win, but it's how they win. Perfection in sports is rare. And this game was rare.

This was so impressive. Jokim Noah said during the post-game interview, "We just want to make the city proud." Jokim, we are beaming.

Take a deep breath, Chicago. And now let's wipe it clean.

Here are some random observations from last night's game:

  • The TNT pre-game crew is in Chicago for the games. Not back in an LA studio. So where does Charles Barkley stay and where does he get down? The next game is not until Wednesday, so not only does Chuck stay in town, but the Heat will stay in town, too. So it should keep the gossip columnists busy. Where does Lebron get his nails done? Where will D. Wade shoot his commercials? Where will Chris Bosh hatch his eggs? (He looks like a velociraptor.) Who are we kidding, they will all show up on Oprah.
  • Memo to NBA: Can you please remove Reggie Miller from the play-by-play? He's adequate, but he's Reggie Miller. And we don't really want him around. He made his bed back in the 1990s. Put him on the Dallas/OK City series.
  • The aerial shots of the United Center showcased a pretty dirty roof. Was it me, or did it look kind of dusty? Get up there and clean it off. That could be something Rahm Emanuel could do as his first task as new mayor.
  • Hey Bulls fans: Remember Vinny Del Negro?
  • Coach Thibs seems to be the big computer in this chess game and Heat Head Coach Eric Spoelstra looks like he's never coached before. Spoelstra looks like the guy who is coaching after the head coach was thrown out or had a heart attack or something. Thibs is just eating him up.
  • Were Noah and Brewer wearing pants in the post-game interviews? Because they certainly weren't wearing shirts. I know it was a big win, but put a shirt on. We aren't buying that you are hot and sweaty. You force the cameras to go high and tight because nobody wants to see Sunday night nipple.
  • Note to self: Ask a beat reporter if these players smell bad.
  • Gibson is playing ball right now. That forces Boozer to play. Asik is playing ball right now. That forces Noah to play. Brewer is playing ball right now. That forces Deng to play. Love it.
  • Maybe it's me, but I don't think of Prince as pump-up basketball music. Sorry, but the pump up should either be arena rock (AC/DC) or rap (Nelly).
  • Also, I know I'm getting old - but how are we supposed to play these video games that are all over the commercials? Are you a character in the game that has lines and motivation or is that the part you skip over and then play the game, which is just a CG guy running around with a gun?
  • The media should find Cliff Levingston and start the features about that '91-'94 bench mob compared to this one. Remember when Cliff Levingston would come off the bench as a spark plug?

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