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Afternoon Shift

Afternoon Shift: Supreme arguments

Afternoon Shift #279: Supreme arguments

Law professors Steve Schwinn and Zev Eigen parse the oral arguments on same-sex marriage. John “Records” Landecker talks about his new memoir. Curious City finds out why neighborhoods change from block to block. And, Rick Kogan talks to the architect of the school closings philosophy.

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The Day Today: A pair of legal eagles unpack all the Supreme Court action—from oral arguments around a pair of same-sex marriage cases to the court’s decision to hear an affirmative action case. Constitutional law professor Steve Schwinn of the John Marshall Law School and Zev Eigen, associate professor of law at the Northwestern University School of Law, join Rick Kogan. WBEZ blogger Achy Obejas also shares her thoughts. Join the conversation! Call 312-923-9239 or chime in on Twitter at #AfternoonShift.
Legal minds parse SCOTUS same-sex marriage cases by WBEZ's Afternoon ShiftA pair of legal eagles unpack all the Supreme Court action oral arguments around a pair of same-sex marriage cases. Constitutional law pr...
Final update: #scotus 80% likely to strike down #doma. J Kennedy suggests it violates states’ rights; 4 other Justices see as gay rights.SCOTUSblog
love is love. strike down #DOMARussell Simmons
If the definition of marriage needs to be changed so it's "equal" for gay people, why have any restrictions on it at all? #DOMANarniaNitro

John “Records” Landecker: The legendary radio personality sits down with Rick Kogan to talk about his new memoir,Records Truly Is My Middle Name.

Rick Kogan interviews John Records Landeckerchicagotribune
Chicago radio legend John Landecker releases a memoirBeing John Landecker might have been a great deal more fun decades ago than it is today, but if you had led the raucous and substance-abu...
Curious City Block by Block: This week’sCurious City question comes from Marya Lucas who wonders why neighborhoods sometimes change from really good to really bad in the span of a block. Curious City producer Jennifer Brandel and WBEZ’s South Side Bureau reporter Natalie Moore break it down, block by block.
Neighborhood divisions laid bare, in the span of a blockMarya Lucas asked what’s behind quality-of-life differences from one Chicago block to another. There’s no tip-toeing around t...
Portfolio Districts: Chicago Public Schools has faced criticism for closing schools and opening up new charters, but Paul Hill says that’s all in the education playbook. He favors a free market “portfolio” approach to education that many districts--including Chicago--have adopted as well. The idea is that by constantly opening new schools that offer a variety of options and closing those that perform the worst, you ultimately lift the district. Hill, who is considered the father of the portfolio approach, and founded the University of Washington’s Center on Reinventing Public Education, joinsAfternoon Shift. We’ll also check in with WBEZ education reporter Linda Lutton who will be in Daley Plaza where a rally opposing school closings is expected to take place later Wednesday afternoon. Plus, WBEZ education reporter Linda Lutton previews this afternoon's Chicago Teachers Union rally.
Rally, march in Loop today against CPS closings<a href="" class=""></a>Chicago Tribune
Barricades are up at CPS HQ ahead of this afternoons (4PM) rally. #CPSclosings <a href="" class=""></a>Anonymous

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