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Are the CTA cuts just some sort of nasty payback for not getting the Olympics?

Top story: After three days of trudging through snow and longer commutes, have you felt the CTA cuts yet? I didn't want to believe it, but I have. The CTA buses I take in the morning have either: a) not been on time, b) been bunched in threes, or c) been non-existent due to cutbacks. Something tells me this drastic move by our transit agency is retaliation. I know, I know, but for the sake of the bit, weren't we talking about adding trains and renovations to the CTA for the 2016 Olympics? The people of the city do not cooperate, in turn we don't get the Olympics and the CTA officials strike back by cutting budgets. This is on you, Chicago. Okay, funny non-plausible rant over.‚  Now back to your regularly scheduled programming... B story: Robert Feder broke news yesterday that Mancow was fired from WLS. Today he has quotes from Mancow, who talks about the demise of Chicago radio. Someone in the comments (120+ comments) made a great point about the volatility of talk radio. He makes the point that talk radio is for a younger demographic and our aging Chicago shock-jocks (Dahl, Johnny B, Mancow) are biding time in a young man's game. There is no place for them on the dial. Live by the sword, die by the sword.‚  The transition of shock-jocks to more WGN-like talk-show hosts is looking like a failed experiment. C story: In Scott Lee Cohen's media blitz, has the press brought up at all his desire (or lack of) to run for Lt. Gov. as an independent? I was too busy doing bits with him to ask about it. Cohen says voter support is higher than ever and if the Dems choose unwisely, there may be a window. Is this being covered and just glossed over or is this a unique thought (no way)? I'll bet it has been talked about, but where's your front-page coverage, Chicago newspapers? Valentines: I would like to take a minute to talk to the 26-year-old Justin. "Dude. You still have one day til Valentine's weekend. Time to stop playing Sega and mobilize! Dolinsky gave you this list. Suck it up and call a few. Get a table and then go down to build-a-bear and act like you put some thought into this. And a key to your apartment is not a Valentines gift. That's just lazy." Weather: Is that all you got, Chicago? Apparently not. Sports: I was listening to sports radio yesterday and the conversation was all about packaging Tyrus Thomas, Kirk Hinrich and John Salmon's contracts for mid-season trades. The Bulls want to free up money next year, so they could go after a huge free-agent. Haven't I heard this before? Didn't the Bulls send Benny the Bull to the airport to greet NBA superstars back in 2000/2001? Remember that? And no one wanted to come here? Note to Reinsdorf: when wooing the 25-year-old superstar NBA player, lose the mascot and Luv-a-Bulls schtick. Instead, class it up like an episode of Entourage. Kicker: Best DUI argument ever: Chelios' lawyer says "knee surgeries" caused him to wobble in his sobriety test, not on the account of being loaded. Is that the same argument Walter Jacobson made?

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