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Best Bets of the Fall Membership Drive

One of the fall's most significant cultural events kicks off tomorrow: The Chicago Public Radio Fall Membership Drive. Though many are in denial over how much they enjoy listening to it, the pledge drive is unparalleled in it's variety of entertainment offerings. From the iconic freeloader call-outs of Ira Glass, to the unfounded promises of superpowers to new members of Jerome McDonnell, the Fall Membership Drive is a feast for the discerning radio listener. The problem listeners face is not knowing when they can hear their favorite pitchers. To help with this problem, here's our guide to best bets during the drive.
  • October 8 6am-9am: Wendy Turner pitching with Torey Malatia to kick off‚  is a classic combination. You can count on Wendy to be upbeat and optimistic (though occassionally Pollyanna-ish) and Torey to play great movie scores as background music.
  • October 9 6:30pm-7pm: Kai Ryssdal joins Tony Sarabia and Wendy Turner for the Marketplace host's first ever shift as a WBEZ pitcher. Who will sound hipper- Tony or Kai?
  • October 13 6am-9am: Possibly the most effective Membership drive pitcher in the world, Ira Glass steps up next Tuesday. What game-changing approach will he bring to the table this time, and more importantly, what free stuff will he give new members?
Find the full schedule here.

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