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Bubbly Creek: Cubs Sold! Cubs Sold! Holyyyy Cow!

So the Trib broke the story that the Trib sold the Cubs. Synergy in motion, folks. Are the Sun-Times and Tribune taking shots at each other over this "Watchdog" craze? The Trib has branded a "Watchdog" unit that is going to investigate political corruption. But the Sun-Times also brands in today's headline:‚  "The Watchdogs Examine...The Art of the Deal." Can this town have two watchdogs? How bout three? We need someone to watch the watchdogs. Is Chicago just bad at math? Everyone remembers the infamous missed check-box when the Bears were trying to keep their talented LB Warrick Holdman. The error gave another team a chance to pry him away, which they tried and the Bears had to match the salary, which was more than they wanted to pay.‚  Now, the Blackhawks may have done the same thing. Let's hope it doesn't turn into the same scenario. Is this a problem in any other city? Alderman Tunney wants to push peddlers several blocks from Wrigley, including those who sell bags of peanuts in front of the park. Now,‚  if I am using the same logic that sportswriters use to question steroid use in baseball, I would have to assume that any Chicago politician that is introducing new ordinances should be checked to make sure they don't have conflict of interests or corruption at the core of the move. So young investigative reporters, check and see if Tunney owns a stake in a rival peanut company.‚  Here's a clip of Alderman Tunney explaining the need for this ordinance: LINK My observation: is Alderman Tunney talking while the City Council is meeting? I guess this is a regular occurrence, where Aldermen will go and talk to Fran Spielman or other beat reporters while the council is in session. I guess that's normal - but could you imagine Mace Windu doing interviews while Yoda speaks in front of the Jedi Council? Not so dumb... Finally, Chicago lost another icon last week. Longtime activist and author Dempsey Travis died on Thursday. The 89-year old South Side Chicagoan penned more than 20 books. For me, Travis was the first author I booked as an intern for Talk of the City in 1994. The book was called "Views from the Back of the Bus: During World War II and Beyond." I remember the pre-interview. He talked to me for over an hour, giving me insight not only to the book he just wrote but also to what it means to be from Chicago. Travis wrote this in my book: "To Justin: with my very best wishes....Dempsey Travis." Chicago has lost a great one.

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