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Bubbly Creek: Would you let the city close your neighborhood park in the summer?

Ah, the good ole' Bubbly Creek is bubbling with stories of chimps, chumps and champs... Gabe's story today is a great one about research at Lincoln Park Zoo and how scientists discovered that it's possible for apes to have an AIDS-like disease. This could be huge in figuring out how to stop the spread and find a cure in humans. This is why I largely avoid work parties. Ah, the wonder of local newspapers. The Tribune ran a story last night/today that essentially said Mayor Daley chose not to comment on the Cook County board vote to decriminalize marijuana. The Sun-Times led with the story and gave us the headline: "Daley mocks county pot vote.". I will give the Sun-Times credit on getting Jim Parque to talk about his steroid use. Which do you like? Party cut or wedge? No, I'm not talking about jeans, I'm talking about pizza. Finally, on a personal note - the park behind my house is now closed. Skinner Park off of Monroe and Throop.‚  It has a great area for toddlers/babies to play on slides, bars and in a sandbox and sprinklers. The area is mostly condo now, so most of the places don't have yards. Needless to say, the park is always packed. Earlier this month, the gates went up and no sign was put on the park to explain what was happening. When talking to neighbors, they tell me the Park District is re-doing the park to coincide with the brand new magnet school next door. The Park District held community meetings to explain that they had to do it now because the ground is softest. The park is now out of commission til October. Is it me or does that just seem like the wrong time to close a park? And wouldn't the ground be soft in September/October? I don't go a day in my neighborhood without someone bringing it up. There is some serious outrage. Would you stand for it if it happened in your neighborhood?

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