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Don't you wish the NFL was more like a reality TV game-show? Then we could vote Todd Collins off the island.

Don't you wish that the NFL worked like a reality TV game-show? The team (or the league) nominates 3 terrible performances from the week's game and the viewers can vote on-line for who gets cut. So today - Todd Collins would be in a limo, telling us about what a great run he had and how he hopes to land on his feet (and how Caleb Hanie tricked him).
Julius Peppers
Here are my random observations from Bears v. Panthers: I missed the first half because I went to see Yo Gabba Gabba at the Chicago Theater (Great show!!!!).‚  But don't you worry, I made it for the second half to catch the rousing game of 3 and out. Man, watching Jimmy Clausen throw the ball over the field made me wish we had drafted him! I mean, he threw for 62 yards! It would be great if a Bears back-up QB could do that!‚  I mean, Clausen is Kurt Warner compared to Todd Collins. As a matter of fact, the Bears are the Panthers from a couple seasons ago. They won a bunch of games but were never taken seriously and Delhomme threw a billion interceptions in their one playoff game and they were never the same. Same fate? Is this the kind of football team we have? Not if Jumpin' Julius Peppers has a say. Wait, he was on that Panthers squad... Quick - without hesitation - name 3 Carolina Panthers players. Danny Hampton had a great point on the post-game show - the two new offensive lineman (rookies) are much more bruising, so the future is looking brighter for the run game. Now the pass game? Well, who needs passing. Israel Idonije is making Lovie and Jerry Angelo look really smart. He showed up with three quarterback sacks. Trivia question: Who did the Bears cut this week to give the starting position to Idonije? That's right - you've forgotten already. Finally - When you read stories about low-level teams having early season success, the headline usually surrounds how good the coaching is. This or that coach has his talent-depleted squad over-achieving. So why isn't that the headlines in Chicago? I have to ask:‚  Is Lovie coaching up the Bears? All NFL experts left the Bears for dead in their pre-season rankings. Our local guys were calling for Lovie's head before the season began.‚  The wins have all been ugly. But at the end of the game, the Bears are winning. The media questions Lovie on certain plays (goal-line offense), but rarely do they give him credit for his decisions.‚  Look at Tomlin in Pittsburgh - the team is 3-1 without their star QB Rothslisberger. Tomlin is being touted as coach of the year for his work. But you could make an argument that the Steelers have a stellar offensive line. They also have a suffocating defense. Add in pro-bowl receivers and a marquee running back (Mendenhall), the Steelers have much more than the Bears could dream of having. Yet, their coach is getting all the credit for keeping the team together. So the question: Is Lovie Smith coaching this mediocre squad to respectability? Or do you go the other way and think that the Bears have all the talent in the world, and are under-performing?

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