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Financial Fast - Day 19

We're down to the wire and I think folks are getting antsy. My sister apparently takes our surname seriously, and she decided to celebrate St. Patrick's Day - despite the fast. Megan said she gave herself a $20 spending limit. (I found this out via Facebook.) I bet her friend and fellow faster Amber was in cahoots with this breach! In New York, Chana said she wanted to take a cab after chemo because she felt crappy. But she got on the train "because I'm trying to follow the dog-on rules." Oh, great. Now I sound like the jerk who makes her sick friend take the subway. Not to worry folks, she's still a superhero who thinks this exchange was pretty funny.
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On my end, web editor Justin is always watching me. "Is that a new shirt?" "Why are you going to dinner and making someone pay?"" "Where did you get that cookie?" Producer Ammad said I should be eating Ramen noodles instead of organic chicken. All I can do is retort "Why you watching me?" Tomorrow the condo association handyman is coming to clean. Is it a breach for him to come by and do a few things in my place? Of course, Justin said it is cheating, but I'm tired of the carbon monoxide detector beeping in my unit. Tonight I'm going to check this out. Free. Another family dinner is this weekend. Some people seem to think that I'm cashing in on favors and sympathy (hi, Justin) during the fast. But my family eats together a lot. But instead of a Big Mama we have a few of these. My cable bill had gotten out of control so I was able to pay it to a zero balance this week. When this fast is over, I can't wait to get a facial and pedicure. I think they are essentials, but I don't want to be accused of cheating.

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