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I Made It!

Last week I posted that I was going to ride my bike to work today and I admit when my alarm went off this morning I thought, "Why didn't I just write about how I find special programming and how much I love chocolate chip cookies?" I geared up and left at 8:18am on my 9.49 mile trek to the office. The first thing I noticed was how beautiful it was outside this morning. The car traffic wasn't too terrible and I didn't feel like I was about to be crushed by a bus every ten seconds. I found I was able to get lost in my thoughts much easier than when I am driving to work. My route was Lawrence Ave to Lincoln Ave to Irving Park to the Lake Shore Bike path to Navy Pier. The mood on the Lake Shore Bike Path was less Tour De France than previous times I have biked it, so I was able to ride at a relaxed pace. I could hear the waves lap against the shore, feel the sun on my face, smell the freshly cut grass. It put me in an unusually good mood for a Monday morning. I arrived here at Navy Pier in under an hour. It can take me anywhere between a half-hour and an hour to drive here. It felt really good to have accomplished something before even sitting down at my desk. I saved $8 on parking, $4-$6 by not stopping at the coffee shop on the way to work and $$ on gas AND I wasn't contributing to global warming. I even arrived at work with a negative calorie balance because riding offset my bowl of Total. Will I do it again? YES! Anyone else ride to work today? Now let's hope these wobbly legs can pedal me home tonight. Fun biking activity alert: Bike the Drive

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