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Mission #56: Know someone who needs a reality check?

With the fresh eyes that come with a fresh new year, it's can sometimes be a bit easier to spot that which is ridiculous, askew, unnecessary or just plain not cool. 

To that end, I've created these handy (and easy-to-hand-out) "REALITY CHECKS" 

Take a look: 

There's this digital version so you can easily email a "Reality Check" to the appropriate guilty party.

And then there's this printable version which has 3 checks on a sheet.

To round out the mission, I invite you to share any anecdotes that arise in the dissemination of aforementioned checks.  Of course, you can (and probably should) keep the receiver's name anonymous.   :)


* Help keep it real with these Reality Checks (digital) (printable)

* I'm working on putting together the 2011 Overture; hope to have it ready in time for this week's Thursday Thingy.  

* Lastly, have to pass along this wonderful idea from my friend Julie (hi Julie!).  She told me she was going to take the "Overture in 16 Movements" that I wrote for my son's (16th) birthday, and then add 5 more of her own "movements" (short pieces of advice) to present to her son at his upcoming college graduation.  I totally love the idea of people personalizing/adding to this piece by tailoring it the right celebratory number for each child.  

Off we go...




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