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Parents Question School Construction Decisions

Some parents attended the Chicago Board of Education meeting this week to challenge school construction decisions that they say results in continued segregation.

Their comments referenced a WBEZ series that looked at the construction of new schools and additions and found that two-thirds have gone to schools with more than a quarter white students. Only 12 percent of all schools have more than a quarter white students.

Three schools that are either being planned or being built raised questions. They are Skinner in the West Loop, a new South Loop Elementary and a new selective enrollment high school on the Near North side.

“I implore you to stop using hundreds of millions of dollars to fund institutionalized segregation in Chicago’s public schools by expanding schools in wealthy enclaves while defunding schools in poor neighborhoods,” said Michelle Villegas.

She says has been fixated on the issue of inequitable funding since Lincoln Elementary in her neighborhood got an addition, even though it was barely overcrowded and close to schools that had space.

Sarah Karp is a reporter for WBEZ. Follow her @sskedreporter or @wbezeducation.

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