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Poll: Let's come up with a new flu name today

Swine flu talk is all the rage on the #120 bus.‚  My favorite overheard line:
Rider 1: Did you hear there are cases in Chicago now? Rider 2: I'm surprised that we didn't have them sooner. Rider 1: Yeah, well, Chicago probably shook down the virus for cash before it could come in...
Boom. First time caller, love your show, love your show... I called the Score last night. Here was my question for Zach Zaidman regarding the Bulls. "Hey Zach, thanks for taking my call. It's great we are talking about exciting Bulls playoff basketball again, right?" ZZ: (silence) JK: "Ok, you keep talking about how great the play-call was to inbound to Miller at the end of the game (Game 5), but you knew he would be fouled and should we really be putting our Center on the line with 2 seconds to play for all the marbles? (Zadman cut off....)" JK: "Yeah, I get it but I don't see the Celtics giving the ball to Perkins on a Paul Pierce decoy play. I would much rather have Gordon or Rose taking fadeaway jump shots than Miller driving the ba..." Then, I was dropped. Forget Obama's dog, let's name this virus!!! So we can't call it swine. Don't call it Mexican. And don't you dare call N1H1-R2D2. So what should we call it? Let's name this virus and get it out on the internet before the lame government adds more numbers to this thing. [poll id="40"]

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