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Power failure: ComEd still hasn't restored power to over 27,000 suburbanites

Let's all do a dance. ComEd fulfilled their pledge (with an hour to spare) to get power restored to 90% of affected customers. Tuesday's storm knocked out power to hundreds of thousands in the Chicago area (suburbs). So I bought my champagne. Let's party and blast our central air, right? Wait, did everyone get their power restored? Nope. 27,000 people still are without power, three days after the storm.

This is the most underreported story in Chicago. Hundreds of thousands of people without power. Why won't the media make this as big of a story as say, a flood in the Loop? Because without power, no one can see the news. And the papers have to put ads and celebrity gossip up front to get you to buy. So what's in it for them? This is a tad ridiculous. Where is the government on this one? Maybe they can be reminded the next time there is a committee formed to discuss rate hikes.

Geesh, I want a ComEd rebate just for thinking about this.

B story: So no Blagojevich verdict this week? The jurors are off today. This is very intriguing. What's taking them so long? Are we possibly looking at a hung jury? Probably not, but something is brewing.

C story: Yesterday, I wrote a piece about how I think Randy Michaels should embrace Chicago radio history and bring back all the old zoo crews for the new Q101 format. We got some great comments on it. Who do you think should come back as part of the new "Nostalgic" format? or as I call it WHSBN.

Whatever you think of Randy, it's fun to talk about radio again, isn't it?

Sports: The Bulls picked a kid from Marquette. Before I even take a look at him, will he make the team? And will he make an impact in the short-term? In other words, can he guard Lebron in the 4th quarter? Answer me that and then I'll care.

Also, our softball season started last night. WBEZ is in a media league with several other esteemed institutions. In our first matchup, we took on Chicago Now, the Chicago Tribune blog network. We. Got. Crushed. Destroyed. Beat down. Ended the game by slaughter rule. We scored a token run in the last inning to avoid the shut-out loss. 15-1. Between myself and Geary Yonker (sales), we probably committed seven errors and were responsible for 8-10 of those runs. That was our outfield.

Next up, I think we play the Reader (who also lost their first game). That's an automatic win.

Some blame our big loss on the fact that we had no team uniform. I blame it on team talent.

This weekend: Gay Pride Parade. Dig? Always a blast. Is there a competition for best float at these parades? If so, Jewel/Osco would win every year. Their float is always the best.

Not actually from the Chicago Gay Pride Parade. (Creative Commons/Wikipedia)

Nothing says gay pride more than a big, motorized, monster shopping cart.

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