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Reporters or Photogs, who gets better access?

There's an interesting piece on about a photographer's access on the campaign trail. Staff photographer Stephen Crowley shares some pics and then grabs the mic to give some back story on the photos. When you read articles by veteran political reporters, you get a sense of professional chumminess, the politician is cordial to the reporter because they spend a ton of time together. ‚ Sure, politicians -- like celebrities -- get annoyed with the constant presence of the press, but politicians also care about public opinion and will often work to stay friendly with the media following them. I figured the same was true with photographers, but in this slideshow Crowley points out that there's a little more distance in that relationship. He follows Sen. McCain's ascension to presidential candidate, from his candid, "Straight Talk Express" moments to a new press bus and a curtain on the plane that shields him from reporters.

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