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Should city stickers be free for electric cars?

A Chicago alderman wants to give owners of electric and hybrid cars a break on the cost of their city sticker. But under the plan, owners of most other vehicles would pay more than they do now.

Ald. Joe Moreno of the First Ward said the move could bring the city an extra $21 million a year.

"Right now, we don't really have enough of a deliniation between a motorcycle and a Hummer," said Moreno, who introduced the proposed ordinance at Wednesday's City Council meeting. "And I just think it's fair that the hybrid vehicle, the smaller vehicle, pays less than they do today. And the Hummer, the larger vehicles, the gas-guzzling ones that are harder on our streets, make the potholes, take up more room, pay more."

Owners of regular passenger cars would pay $20 more for their sticker than they do now. Moreno said he is open to amending the plan to temporarily protect owners of old clunkers from the price hike.

Meantime, city stickers would be free for electric cars, while those for small hybrids would cost only $25.

The proposal now goes to a city council committee.

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