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Study: No headaches for Daley from current Chicago City Council

Chicago aldermen are giving Richard Daley a bit of an easier time as the longtime mayor makes his exit from politics. A new study finds that, in general, aldermen agreed with the mayor more often during the current term than the previous one.

The study from the University of Illinois at Chicago looked at 54 divided roll call votes in the past four years - the times the 50 aldermen don't all agree.

In those divided votes, 31 aldermen went Daley's way almost every time - in 90 percent or more of those votes. That is up from seven aldermen who agreed with Daley that often in the previous term.

Among the most loyal these last few years: Alderman John Pope, Frank Olivo, Ed Burke, Virginia Rugai, Ariel Reboyras, Dick Mell and Carrie Austin. They each voted with Daley 100 percent of the time. In the previous term, no alderman voted every time the mayor.

The aldermen who disagreed with Daley the most were Joe Moore, Bob Fioretti and Sandi Jackson. Even they, though, agreed with the mayor more than half the time.

How often did your alderman agree with Mayor Daley? 

Note: In the seven instances where an alderman resigned amid-term, the study combined both aldermen's voting records.

WardAlderman% voted with Daley on divided votes
1Manny Flores / Joe Moreno90
2Bob Fioretti52
3Pat Dowell76
4Toni Preckwinkle / Shirley Newsome60
5Leslie Hairston73
6Freddrenna Lyle98
7Sandi Jackson53
8Michelle Harris98
9Anthony Beale96
10John Pope100
11James Balcer88
12George Cardenas96
13Frank Olivo100
14Ed Burke100
15Toni Foulkes86
16Joann Thompson92
17Latasha Thomas98
18Lona Lane96
19Virginia Rugai100
20Willie Cochran90
21Howard Brookins86
22Ricardo Munoz65
23Mike Zalewski96
24Sharon Denise Dixon83
25Danny Solis98
26Billy Ocasio / Roberto Maldonado79
27Walter Burnett96
28Ed Smith / Jason Ervin94
29Ike Carothers/ Deborah Graham98
30Ariel Reboyras100
31Ray Suarez88
32Scott Waguespack67
33Dick Mell100
34Carrie Austin100
35Rey Colon80
36William Banks / John Rice98
37Emma Mitts98
38Tom Allen / Tim Cullerton96
39Margaret Laurino96
40Patrick O'Connor96
41Brian Doherty70
42Brendan Reilly68
43Vi Daley88
44Tom Tunney90
45Pat Levar96
46Helen Shiller96
47Gene Schulter90
48Mary Ann Smith96
49Joe Moore51
50Berny Stone86

Source: "The Last of the Daley Years," by Dick Simpson, James Nell, Missy Mouritsen Zmuda, Thomas J. Gradel, Cori Smith and Tom Kelly. University of Illinois at Chicago, March 2011.

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