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The Daybook 2.0: Shakeup on the News Desk

So you might have noticed that The Daybook took one of it's patented, unexplained absences the last few days.‚  That's because the News Desk has been in the midst of a major retooling.‚ ‚  Also, I had some comp days to burn. On the retooling front,‚  News Desk Editor (and producer/reporter) Sam Hudzik is leaving us behind, to fill Ben Calhoun's considerable shoes as the new Political Reporter.‚ ‚  This is great news for Sam, and for WBEZ listeners, but it's a bit of a bittersweet moment for the News Desk, and a downright frightening one for politicians and their PR folks. No word on if there'll be a Sam Hudzik wikipedia page. In the meantime, I've been appointed Interim News Desk editor. This development has several (interim) pros and cons.
  • Interim Pro: No more waking up at 5 AM.‚  My first call of the morning is at 8:30.
  • Interim Con: Work day number one wrapped up at about 9:30 PM.
  • Interim Pro: Hanging out with Melba Lara in the afternoon.
  • Interim Con: Minimal face time with Lisa Labuz.
Bullet points aside, the biggest interim pro here is for the WBEZ blog.‚  You see, with my new interim role, comes new found interim power, which I promise will only be used for good, not evil.‚  Well mostly. Introducing: The New Daybookers Now the biggest problem with the Daybook, in my mind (aside from the lack of picutres, failed attempts at humor, and overall drabness) is the lack of consistent blogging.‚ ‚  Perhaps you remember the 10 rules of blogging, from an earlier post?‚  Well, one main point was to blog every day.‚  At that, my friends, I have failed. So to allay that situation I'm asking the rest of the News Desk team to pitch in, with a Daybook or two here and there so we can keep this puppy rolling as close to every day as possible.‚  Also, I'm worried Dave Stanford is going to call me out in the comments again for not writing. So, with no further ado, allow me to (re) introduce you to the new Daybookin' squad (aka the News Desk team): Susie An
You may remember her from:‚  Taking part in, and blogging about a sleep depravation study. Her Hoosier Mamma Pie story that is making me hungry just thinking about it. Non-Radio Talents:‚  Susie runs Marathons.‚  And competes in Triathalons. Current role: Susie is holding down the morning shift admirably.‚  She gets in before 6 AM, and is usually on the air with spots from around town by the time your Dora The Explorer Talking Alarm Clock Radio is waking you up in the morning. Tony Arnold
You may remember him from
: Breaking the County sales tax story, CRTA style.‚  Sleeping overnight the floor at WNIJ in Dekalb while covering the NIU shooting for us, and seemingly every outlet in the world. Non-Radio talents: Tony also runs marathons.‚  Don't mess with the morning team.‚  He also has a zen-like demeanor that allowed him to shrug it off when someone spray painted his car. Current Role: Tony is tag-teaming with Susie in the mornings.‚  He gets here at about 5 AM (my old time) to get things jumping off in the mornings.‚  I'm not sure if he ever goes home. Mekea Williamson
You may remember her from
: Being our ace intern for the last several months.‚  She sees the mayor and governor so much they probably think she's part of a government watchdog group waiting for them to slip up. Non Radio-talents: Mekea is a full-on expert at American Sign Language.‚  Not the most helpful thing in radio-land (or perhaps the least helpful thing) but impressive and inspiring nontheless. ‚  Maybe the blog can utilize this skill? Current Role: Intern extrodanaire, before she leaves to become a world class reporter.‚  She's well on her way. Yours Truly
You may remember me from:
Some blog posts, back in the day. Non Radio-talent: Expert predictor of the‚  Red Wings vs. Blackhawks 2009 playoff series‚  (see my facebook page). Growing a mean playoffs beard. Current Role: Interimmin' it up. Today's 'Book Decent news day today, here are some quick highlights:
  • Governor Pat Quinn is in Chicago.‚  He's sure to face questions about the General Assembly failing to pass his pet income tax-hike, and the watered down ethics bill on his desk.‚  With the Governor hold to his promise of not signing anything until all his priorities are approved?‚  Mekea will head over there.
  • The Cook County Board is having another round of sales tax veto fun.‚  After Stroger vetoed an earlier proposal to cut the tax, which‚  commissioners failed to override, they passed a new one.‚  Stroger vetoed that as well, and now they're threatening another override attempt.‚ ‚  Tony is in attendance.
  • Mayor Daley faced questioning about the latest Chicago official to get indicted by the feds, Isaac Carothers.‚  Susie An has the stories.
Parking Meter Madness The city of Chicago‚  is holding a presser this afternoon about problems with the new parking meters.‚  Details to come.‚  Stay tuned.

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