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The Vanishing Middle Class: A Special

The amazing producers over at WBUR in‚ Boston have cranked out another timely and relevant‚ documentary that has to with, well, most of us. You can hear The Vanishing Middle Class: Inside Out on WBEZ this Sunday night at 9 as part of our Sunday Specials series. As the gap between the richy-rich and the rest of us widens, it's programs like this one that jolt me out of my "wake up-commute to work-work-commute to home-sleep" mode. From the producers:

Middle class American families are in distress. Despite the enormous increase in wealth in America over the past two decades, for most Americans in the middle, wages have been flat -- or even losing ground. At the same time, the costs of basic necessities, including housing, health care, food and education have continued to rise.

Quick note:‚ because of rights' issues, we can't always post full audio of specials to our site, but I can help direct you to more info or to listen again. Shoot me an email and I'll lend a hand...(and maybe you heard something that you think we should air, let me know!)

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